Why Clients & Users Trust Olio

We’re proud to say our clients and end-users have become patient co-management evangelists. Here’s why they swear by Olio, in their own words.

Transforming Processes, Standards, and the Culture of Care

Our clients and users have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of a fully engaged, responsive, and accountable ecosystem that elevates every stakeholder to collaborate seamlessly. The result? A revolutionary approach to care coordination that enriches the provider and patient experience and sets a new standard for how value-based care organizations work with diverse care settings.

“You just won’t believe how much better it can be. The chaos that you normally deal with on a day-to-day basis becomes order. And the time savings back to you is that time that you can give back to your patients and their care. You will truly see improvement overall in health outcomes that you didn’t know were even a possibility.”

— Jeannie High, Associate Director, Post-Acute Utilization Management, Banner Health

Saving Time & Reducing Chaos

Replace frustrating, chaotic, manual processes with streamlined workflows and free up your co-management teams to focus on improving patient outcomes instead of administrative tasks.

Proven Financial Impact

Reduce readmissions, length-of-stay, and administrative inefficiencies with real-time monitoring and communication across all facilities where you co-manage patients.

“We have one full-time employee that monitors patients in Olio across our 45 SNF network. We had $548,000 in estimated savings and have seen an 8.9 day drop in length of stay, just in the first quarter. Olio has allowed real-time communication and interactive management of our ACO patients across all of those facilities.”

— Lori Sieboldt, MD, Medical Director of Population Health, Deaconess Health System

“We have seen our length of stay decrease significantly and our readmission rate dropped to single digits, which is almost unheard of. We’re certainly seeing economic advantages to partnering with Olio.”

— Dr. Natalya Faynboym, Chief Medical Officer for Medical Management, Banner Health

Experience the Olio Difference

“With Olio, providers can have insight into how their patient is progressing in post-acute care and the barriers to discharge. We’re giving instant feedback to our hospitals, which has been important for continuity of care and reduced hospitalizations.”

— Chad Miller, VP of Business Development and Sales, American Senior Communities

Uninterrupted Continuity of Care

Unlock key insights, identify discharge barriers, and reduce hospitalizations while enhancing continuity of care through Olio’s real-time information-sharing solution.

Seamless Communication

Streamline interactions and simplify workflows for care managers and providers with real-time communication and collaboration tools.

“My experience with Olio has been very positive and truly has exceeded my expectations. Not only is the software communication tool — It’s real! It works! — it does reduce the burden of miscommunications and slow communications.”

— Carla Messing, RN Director, Utilization Management, Medical Management Services, Banner Health

“I’d absolutely recommend Olio. The hospital is invested in the program and they are strong partners in reducing our rehospitalizations. Cooperating through Olio is a wonderful way to strengthen relationships and improve our ACO metrics.”

— Andrew Keen, Administrator, Bell Trace, Cardon & Associates

Stronger Partnerships are Possible

Improve cross-organizational relationships, reduce rehospitalization rates, and boost value-based care metrics with Olio, elevating all stakeholders to engage in enhanced patient co-management.

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