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Everyone Works Better Together in Olio

Replace fragmented processes with scalable workflows and real-time insights to support stakeholders across care settings.

Post-Acute Teams Are Raising Their Hands for Help

Post-acute and alternative care teams face a variety of challenges when it comes to collaborating with you to support care strategies and plan discharges, including:

  • QProactively Managing Patient Outcomes
  • QKnowing Who to Work With at Your Organization
  • QUsing Obsolete Technologies
  • QManaging Referral Sources’ Requirements
  • QEscalating Updates & Concerns
  • QAccess to Time-Sensitive Information
  • QHands-On Support and Training

Olio is Made for These Challenges

In collaboration with real post-acute users, we built Olio to directly address these pain points and empower you to work together in an innovative solution supported by our team of in-market experts.

Built for Everyone. Built for Change.

Olio is purpose-built to be agile and configurable, so you can be sure the solution evolves with you as your value-based care operations lean into post-acute care settings and beyond. Surround your patients with a responsive, engaged, and accountable cross-organizational care team at every stop of their care journey.




Home Health

Hospice Care

Behavioral Health

Care Management

Hospice Care

Behavioral Health

Care Management

Don’t see the setting or team you need to co-manage patients with? Reach out to learn more about our configurable solution.

360° Visibility to Patients & Care Teams

Stop the phone tag, faxing and leg work — Olio brings everyone together in the same solution and elevates stakeholders to co-manage patients without unnecessary delays in care.

Quickly Scale Value-Based Care Across Care Settings

Things change fast. Don’t let organizational changes in care settings slow you or your stakeholders down — Olio supports all users with training, resources, and real-time performance indicators.

60 Days

With our proven process, we can successfully launch most markets in just two months

Optimize Care Team Efficiency

Simplify and scale processes and workflows to reduce administrative load, enhance staff satisfaction, and improve collaborative care.

55 Hours Saved Across 15K+ lives

Average number of administrative hours saved weekly (as reported by users)

Show Value Now

Why wait for outdated claims data? See trends and opportunities in real-time to understand post-acute performance as well as support and influence care strategies, transitions of care activities, and discharge planning.

4 – 7x ROI

Most clients achieve an average 4-7x return on investment with Olio

A Comprehensive Solution that Empowers Your Team & Other Care Providers

Co-Management Team

See exactly who is on your patient’s cross-organizational care team

Patient Portfolio

Co-manage patients from admission to discharge across care settings

Progress Updates

View patients’ progress toward discharge plans & care strategies at a glance

Priority Alerts

Quickly send & respond to alerts requiring immediate attention

Proprietary Performance Indicators

Access real-time measurement of provider engagement & responsiveness across all of your co-management partners

Market Support & Accountability

Rely on our in-market team of experts to escalate concerns, surface opportunities, and enable you to get the most out of Olio

"You just won’t believe how much better it can be. The chaos that you normally deal with on a day to day basis becomes order. And the time savings back to you is that time that you can give back to your patients and their care.

You will truly see improvement overall in health outcomes that you didn’t know were even a possibility.”

Jeannie High

Associate Director,

Post-Acute Utilization Mgmt

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“We have one full-time employee that monitors patients in Olio across our 45 SNF network. We had $548,000 in estimated savings and have seen an 8.9 day drop in length of stay, just in the first quarter.

Olio has allowed real-time communication and interactive management of our ACO patients across all of those facilities.”

Lori Sieboldt, MD

Medical Director of Population Health

Deaconess Health System

“With Olio, providers can have insight on how their patient is progressing in post-acute care and the barriers to discharge. We’re giving instant feedback to our hospitals, which has been important for continuity of care and reduced hospitalizations."

Chad Miller

VP of Business Development and Sales

American Senior Communities

“I’d absolutely recommend Olio. The hospital is invested in the program and they are strong partners in reducing our rehospitalizations. Cooperating through Olio is a wonderful way to strengthen relationships and improve our ACO metrics.”

Andrew Keen

Administrator, Bell Trace

Cardon & Associates

“My experience with Olio has been very positive and truly has exceeded my expectations. Not only is the software communication tool -- It's real! It works! -- it does reduce the burden of miscommunications and slow communications.”

Carla Messing

RN Director,

Utilization Management, Medical Management Services

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“We have seen our length of stay decrease significantly and our readmission rate dropped to single digits, which is almost unheard of. We're certainly seeing economic advantages to partnering with Olio.”

Dr. Natalya Faynboym

Chief Medical Officer for Medical Management

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Ready to move out of chaos and into synergy?