Outcomes with Olio


Decrease in Re-admissions from SNFs


Decrease in Length of Stay


Number of Patients and/or Facilities One Care Coordinator Can Cover

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Response Time to Patient Escalations


Return on Investment

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See the Common Challenges Olio Solves

Current Challenges

  • Don’t know where patients are/how they’re doing

  • No easy way to communicate with post-acute providers

  • Operationalizing value-based care

With Olio

  • See all patients across every post-acute provider

  • Succeed in managing post-acute utilization, spend

  • Get real-time feedback and intervene when appropriate

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Current Challenges

  • Don’t know where patients are/ how they’re doing
  • Deploying case management resources to chase patient progress
  • Managing clinical and economic outcomes

With Olio

  • Know where patients are and if they’re trending in right direction
  • Simplify case management efforts with post-acute providers
  • Have a clear path to succeeding in value based care

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Current Challenges

  • Lose insight into patients’ on their care path
  • Being supportive and interventional with members
  • Struggle to control cost of care

With Olio

  • Have real-time insights to your members’ care
  • Land members in the appropriate site of care
  • Drive cost of care performance

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Current Challenges

  • Tracking down patient information
  • Managing patient risk and evolving reimbursement models
  • Staff turnover and programmatic efforts

With Olio

  • Get immediate support from acute-care providers
  • Improve quality and patient outcomes
  • Form stronger referral partnerships

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Current Challenges

  • Don’t know where patients are/ how they’re doing
  • Managing clinical and economic outcomes with ease
  • Operationalizing a broad value-based care portfolio

With Olio

  • Improve patient outcomes, reduce readmissions
  • Scale care coordination efforts across entire PAC network
  • Boost performance in value-based care

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Olio Makes it Easy to Digitally Connect with Post-Acute Providers


Enable care coordinators to cover more ground on patient populations

Patient Status

Digitally connect in real-time, escalate conditions and better manage post-acute spend


Gain insight into length of stay, readmissions and how well your post-acute partners are performing.

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“Olio‘s program to improve communication in post-acute care has measurably improved resident outcomes for us on a number of occasions and has been pivotal in growing our relationship with providers. We are certain this has improved coordination of care and has helped to save lives.”


Tom O’Niones, Owner and President, Transcendent Healthcare of Owensville

“We have one FTE that monitors patients in Olio across our 45 SNF network. We had $548,000 in estimated savings and have seen an 8.9 day drop in length of stay just in the first quarter. It has allowed real-time communication and interactive management of our ACO patients across all of those facilities.”


Lori Sieboldt, MD, Medical Director of Population Health, Deaconess Health System
2020 Modern Healthcare Innovator


Olio customers know where their patients are after they leave the hospital, how they’re doing and connect through the entire post-acute journey. Don't take our word for it! Talk to one of our customers.



Get Full Visibility into Post-Acute Care

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Active engagement has never been more important. With Olio, it’s simple.


Care management teams work hard to deliver a consistent standard of care across a vast post-acute environment.


Extending your care management reach to thousands of discharged patients across a broad post-acute network is next to impossible.

This leaves health systems and payers asking big questions. Where is the best place to send patients for post-acute care? Where are our current patients receiving care? What is the status of their recovery? What if something goes wrong?

Without Olio, no one has answers.


The Olio software solution allows health systems, physicians and payers to see and impact their entire post-acute population from one app.

When patients are discharged, population health teams know where their patients are, what their status is and have the ability to engage with post-acute clinicians to ensure better healthcare outcomes. Proactive engagement and collaboration in Olio gives you full visibility into every post-acute facility and even home health.

Health systems, physicians and payers can successfully manage post-acute utilization and deliver a high standard of care at scale.