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Population Health

Simplify case management efforts with post-acute providers and operationalize value-based care. Get real-time feedback and intervene when appropriate for all your PAC network patients.

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Post-Acute Providers

Get immediate support from your acute partners. Improve quality and patient outcomes and form stronger referral partnerships along the way. Have a seat at the table with Olio and succeed in value-based care.

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The Evolution of Post-Acute Care Management

Population health leadership have tried to improve PAC performance. They started with evaluating their PAC providers and the industry evolved from there.

The Phases of PAC Management:

  • Phase 1: PAC Scorecards
  • Phase 2: "Narrow Networks"
  • Phase 3: Care Coordinators

These methods moved the needle, but didn't solve the problem. So, what's next in the evolution?

The Evolution of Post-Acute Care Management

Well... You've left your team members on the dock

PAC providers don't have the resources, experience, or knowledge to execute your complex population health strategy. You are asking them to do more with less.

Doing More With Less

Oh... And you aren't the only system or provider with an unique approach

SNF's and many other post-acute providers are working with at least 4-5 payers or providers...calling, texting, emailing, maybe even showing up on-site asking for updates on your patient.

And you wonder why PAC providers don't respond to your first outreach. They need a resource to communicate and execute your strategy in a better way.


Meet Olio: Build and Redefine Your Team

Olio helps modernize communication to your PAC network and give your entire team the resources to execute your population health strategy.

With Olio, PAC providers send you:

  • Patient status updates every day, before you even ask
  • Escalations when a patient's condition is changing negatively, so you can intervene and prevent readmissions
  • Immediate information about discharge plan and where your patients go post-discharge

PAC providers are on your team, Olio helps you act like it.


Proven Outcomes


Decrease in Readmissions


Decrease in Length of Stay


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