Today, there's a communication gap between acute and post-acute providers.

Current State
  • Require resource-intensive navigation teams.
  • Waste time and money managing unique needs across specialties.
  • Have no easy way to communicate with post-acute providers.
  • Use risky, non-HIPAA compliant channels.
  • Lack data to prevent readmissions.
  • Waste time trying to communicate with antiquated technology.
  • Lack connections with surgeons and hospitals.
  • No way to prove clinical efficacy, and certainly not by specialty.
  • Struggle to differentiate themselves with a merit-based story.
With Olio

With Olio's digital platform, communication is simple and secure.

  • Tap into a direct, real-time communication channel.
  • Use specialty-specific playbooks and dashboards.
  • Establish a shared language for better care outcomes.
  • Save time and resources with a digital workflow.
  • Streamline efforts and focus on value-added tasks.
  • Communicate and collaborate on a HIPAA compliant platform.

A new era of episodic care is here.



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