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Without Olio, post-acute engagement is a mess.

Current State
  • Are challenged to manage the economic burden of their post-acute population.
  • Struggle to impact patient progress and population health at post-acute providers.
  • Discharge hundreds of patients to dozens of post-acute facilities, but don’t have the tools to manage the complexity.
  • Spin up costly teams to manually track and monitor patients using risky, non-HIPAA compliant channels.
  • Require expensive resources to have a pulse on post-acute utilization outside their influence.
  • Have no way to actively engage with post-acute providers at scale.
With Olio

With Olio, health systems of any size can:

  • Succeed at managing post-acute utilization and spend.
  • Get real-time escalations in the palm of your hand and make decisions with a click.
  • See your entire patient portfolio across every post-acute provider.
  • Actively work with post-acute clinicians in real-time about each patient’s care.
  • Ensure better care for every patient.

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Active engagement has never been more important. With Olio, it’s simple.


Care management teams work hard to deliver a consistent standard of care across a vast post-acute environment.


Extending your care management reach to thousands of discharged patients across a broad post-acute network is next to impossible.

This leaves health systems and payers asking big questions. Where is the best place to send patients for post-acute care? Where are our current patients receiving care? What is the status of their recovery? What if something goes wrong?

Without Olio, no one has answers.


The Olio software solution allows health systems, physicians and payers to see and impact their entire post-acute population from one app.

When patients are discharged, population health teams know where their patients are, what their status is and have the ability to engage with post-acute clinicians to ensure better healthcare outcomes. Proactive engagement and collaboration in Olio gives you full visibility into every post-acute facility and even home health.

Health systems, physicians and payers can successfully manage post-acute utilization and deliver a high standard of care at scale.

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Everyone wins.

Health Systems
Improve patient health outcomes with better visibility and influence of your patients' post-acute care. Reduce readmissions.
Olio for health systems
Post-Acute Providers
Form stronger partnerships with hospitals through real-time collaboration. Receive help when there is a change in condition.
Olio for post-acute providers

Succeed in Value-Based Care with Olio

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