In the News: How ACOs Should Work

Olio’s CEO and founder, Ben Forrest, was recently published in McKnight’s Long-Term Care News on “How ACOs should work”.  McKnights is a publication that serves the long-term care field, specializing in high-acuity skilled nursing settings. Their publication serves as a primary news-source for long term care facilities. 

Ben’s article focuses on the challenges of the healthcare delivery system, including the challenge of serving a population that is growing older and managing chronic illnesses. Sadly, these populations are failed by the healthcare system as a lack of coordination between providers, multiple prescription plans and complicated care routines brings higher chances of poor outcomes. The Affordable Care Act introduced a new type of model, called an Accountable Care Organization to battle and hopefully improve the current state of healthcare. 

In Ben’s article, he defines what an ACO really is and what it means for the patient and the healthcare entity. Further, he explains the goal of an Accountable Care Organization, “to coordinate care for the patient, as well as eliminate any unnecessary spending.” Ben also explains the way ACOs are paid in contrast to Medicare’s traditional payment system as well as the overall benefits of an ACO and what it means for the future of patients, providers and the healthcare world.

Read the full article here.