In the News: Healthcare Tech Outlook – Digital Transformation

This week Healthcare Tech Outlook published an article about Olio. Healthcare Tech Outlook is a healthcare news outlet that offers healthcare decision makers information to help create and build new approaches and programs that enhance their capability to provide care. This platform also offers a “learn-from-peer approach” to the healthcare arena, sharing technology-related advice that enhances not only the overall healthcare landscape, but also individual care providers ranging from general practitioners to specialists to post-acute care organizations.

This particular article covers the digital transformation trend in the healthcare arena, the benefits of Olio’s platform, and Olio’s unique quality of being the only existing digital communication platform that connects acute-care and post-acute-care providers so they can collaborate on shared patients. The article also discusses the platform’s features which provide insight into the patient’s condition in a secure fashion, as well as Olio’s expansion and collaboration with healthcare providers motivated to improve patient care across the healthcare continuum through the use of technology-based solutions.

Read the full article here.