Our software provides clear and immediate insights into patient condition, ultimately improving clinical effectiveness.

Olio-gain-new-visibility and-prove-effectiveness

Gain new visibility and prove effectiveness.

No more guessing games about patient status and clinical effectiveness. Our dashboards make accountability and visibility effortless.


Increase efficacy with specialty-specific tools.

Olio’s unique, specialty-specific playbooks and dashboards create a shared language for better outcomes.


Collaborate like never before.

Our digital platform connects acute and post-acute providers, making direct, real-time communication possible throughout the post-acute episode of care.

Olio-gain-new-visibility and-prove-effectiveness Olio-increase-efficacy-with-specialty-specific-tools Olio-communicate-like-never-before
Olio's Impact
“As a result of Olio, our patients receive the highest-level of coordinated care and Central Indiana Orthopedics can efficiently manage our patient population, their experience, and the overall cost of care”
P. Jamieson Kay, MD Orthopedic Surgeon President, Central Indiana Orthopedics
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A new era of episodic care is here.

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Streamline your efforts.

Save time and resources using a modern workflow. Stop tracking down information on archaic systems and focus on value-added tasks.


Secure what matters.

Olio is the first HIPAA compliant platform to enable communication and collaboration across devices for the post-acute episode of care.



Olio-streamline-your-efforts Olio-secure-what-matters

A new era of episodic care is here.

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