Improve Communication With Your Referral Partners

Trying to keep up with the constant phone calls, emails, in- person visits from your acute partners can be exhausting. With Olio, manage all those relationships easily and never let a patient slip through the cracks.


Olio Benefits Your Post Acute Teams

Build Better Relationships with Referral Partners

  • work with your partners on your mobile device for easy communication
  • eliminate phone tag and email chains 
  • present information easily to eliminate unnecessary questions 

Raise your Hand and Ask for Help

  • surface issues to your referral partners in real-time 
  • ask for help, knowledge, and resources to better care for your patients
  • discuss care plan and find the best path to success

Demonstrate your Success in Real-Time

  • converse and present live data on your patient success
  • give your partners real-time insights on LOS and readmissions
  • provide detailed analysis to patient discharge 

Our Post-Acute Partners Trust Olio

“I’d absolutely recommend Olio. The hospital is invested in the program and they are strong partners in reducing our rehospitalizations. Cooperating through Olio is a wonderful way to strengthen relationships and improves our ACO metrics.”


Andrew Keen, Administrator, Bell Trace, Cardon & Associates

“With Olio, providers can have insight on how their patient is progressing in post-acute care and the barriers to discharge. We’re giving instant feedback to our hospitals, which has been important for continuity of care and reduced hospitalizations."


Chad Miller, VP of Business Development and Sales, American Senior Communities

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