Add Your Entire PAC Network to the Team

PACs don’t have the resources to execute your population health strategy. SNFs & other PAC providers are working with countless other payers/providers... calling, texting, emailing, showing up in person. There’s a better way.


Olio Benefits Your Population Health Team

Improve Patient Outcomes

  • Standardize care across disparate environments
  • Know when a patient is at risk of readmission
  • Reduce the burden on your Population Health team

Receive Information; Don't Chase It

  • Streamline communication with post-acute partners
  • Be aware of your patients' location and progress at all times
  • Receive alerts of urgent patient issues

Enhance Risk Arrangement Performance

  • Improve outcomes and reduce readmissions
  • Boost performance in value-based care
  • Reassign the team to value-added tasks

Olio Helps You Digitally Connect With Your PAC Network

Know Where Your Patients Are

Track all patients, their post-acute location, clinical progress and cost of care from one dashboard.


Receive Critical Patient Alerts

Care coordinators get real-time escalations from post-acute partners when a patients needs your attention.


Monitor Daily Patient Updates

Get easy-to-follow patient updates from PAC providers on your phone and/or desktop.


Measure Performance

Get Real-time Insights

  • Track readmission rates
  • Receive average length of stay by facility
  • Understand how engaged your PAC providers are with you
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Our Population Health Partners Trust Olio

“We have one FTE that monitors patients in Olio across our 45 SNF network. We had $548,000 in estimated savings and have seen an 8.9 day drop in length of stay just in the first quarter. It has allowed real-time communication and interactive management of our ACO patients across all of those facilities.”


Lori Sieboldt, MD, Medical Director of Population Health, Deaconess Health System

“I just can't reiterate enough how valuable Olio is for my role in monitoring patients in the post-acute space from a leadership standpoint. The more communication you have in Olio with the providers at the bedside and the SNF, the better outcomes for the patient”

Dr. Anthony Sorkin, Medical Director, IU Health ACO and Health Plan

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