Olio Benefits Your Entire Team

physician-icon Physicians

Drive economic performance

Know when patients have started and ended post-acute care

Simplify the way you standardize care across post-acute partners

Coordinate care and follow-up visits during and after post-acute care

care-coordinator-icon Case Managers

Receive patient information. Don’t chase it

Scale your practice’s model of care and cover more ground with less work

Streamline communication with post-acute partners

Easily know your patients’ location, progress and quickly become aware of urgent issues

leadership-icon Administrators

Succeed in all your payer and value-based care contracts

Scale your team and operational efforts 

Receive data and analytics on your patients and post-acute partners

Close gaps in care by getting patients back to your physicians after post-acute care

Olio Makes it Easy for You to Digitally Connect with Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Health Providers and More

Know Where Your Patients Are

Physicians and their teams can manage their entire patient population from a consultative dashboard.


Be Alerted To Patients At Risk

Physicians and their teams get real-time escalations from post-acute clinicians when a patient needs attention.


Receive Patient Status Updates

Have patient status updates at the palm of your hand through one app across your entire post-acute footprint.


Measure Performance

Receive insights that show length of stay, readmissions, how well your post-acute partners are engaging with you to improve your managed care strategy.


Customer Success

“Olio has made my job of managing bundled patients so much easier. I used to spend the majority of my day tracking down patients. With Olio, I can log in and see all of my patients at a glance. I get real-time progression of my patients across all entities of care."



Natalie McClintick, LPN
Central Indiana Orthopedics

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Olio Delivers Results


Decrease in Readmissions from SNFs


Decrease in Length of Stay


Number of Patients and/or Facilities One Case Manager Can Cover