Succeed in Risk Arrangements

Olio provides a way to standardize care outside of your walls so you succeed in all risk arrangements. Olio can help you operationalize and thrive in:
  • Medicare ACOs 
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Bundled Payments 
  • Managed Medicaid 
  • Dual-Eligible 
  • All Forms of Managed Care Risk

Olio is Simple to Use

See the entire patient journey

Know where your patients are after they leave the hospital — whether they’re getting care at a skilled nursing facility, home health, etc.


Empower your care management team

Get real-time patient status at the palm of your hands through one app across your entire post-acute footprint.


Drive performance in value-based care

Focus on important information, including barriers to discharge and if patients need additional resources to improve in care.


Get real-time insights

Have a better understanding of length of stay and readmission rates for your post-acute partners, along with other data to inform your decisions.


Healthcare Leaders Trust Olio

I just can't reiterate enough how valuable Olio is for my role in monitoring patients in the post-acute space from a leadership standpoint. The more communication you have in Olio with the providers at the bedside and the SNF, the better outcomes for the patient.

Dr. Anthony Sorkin

Medical Director, IU Health ACO and Health Plan

With Olio, hospitals can have insight on how their patient is progressing in post-acute care and the barriers to discharge. We’re giving instant feedback to our [14] hospitals, which has been important during the pandemic.

Troy Reiff

VP Post-Acute Service Development, American Senior Communities

Patients were going to over 164 different skills facilities within our region. As a way to get our arms around this really broad market, we needed one platform. We chose Olio. In just our first quarter with Olio, we reduced readmissions and overall cost. It allows us to get ahead of our data and our patients, rather than chase the data.

Dr. Lori Sieboldt

Medical Director for Population Health and Deaconess Care Integration, Top Five NGACOs


    How it Works

    olio_icon-1 Step One
    We digitally connect you to your post-acute network (preferred and non-preferred)
    olio_icon-2 Step Two
    We create a modern workflow to make it easy for you to engage with PAC teams
    olio_icon-3 Step Three
    We enable you to focus on the most vulnerable patients to drive performance in value-based care arrangements

    Olio Compliments Your Existing Technology

    Olio works side-by-side your existing EMRs and/or telehealth solutions. We make it easy, secure and fast to use Olio.

    Olio safely extends your technology infrastructure beyond your own walls and can be utilized to quickly trigger telehealth consultations, helping to prevent readmissions and improve quality care.


    Olio Delivers Results


    Decrease in Readmissions from SNFs


    Decrease in Length of Stay


    Number of Patients and/or Facilities One Care Coordinator Can Cover

    Post-Acute Providers Use Olio for Improved Communication

    Easily raise concerns digitally to care managers without waiting for return calls/emails.

    SNF and home health teams get a response to questions in under 3 minutes.

    Health systems and payers invite post-acute providers to use Olio at no cost.

    What Post-Acute Providers Are Saying About Olio

    “I’d absolutely recommend Olio. The hospital is invested in the program and they are strong partners in reducing our rehospitalizations. Cooperating through Olio is a wonderful way to strengthen relationships and improves our ACO metrics.”


    Andrew Keen, Administrator, Bell Trace, CarDon & Associates

    “Olio provides easy two-way communication between the hospital, skilled nursing facility and home health care teams to decrease rehospitalization rates. Our residents benefit the most thanks to quick reporting and efficient communication about their care.”


    Carrie Parker, RN/DON, Golden LivingCenters Brandywine

    Don't take our word for it, talk to one of our Post-Acute Clients!

    Succeed in Value-Based Care