Influence your patients' journey. Manage risk. Reduce readmissions.

Olio gives health systems real-time visibility into patient location and status in the post-acute world.


Who loves Olio at health systems and why.

leadership-icon Leadership

Standardize care and reduce readmissions

Improve patient outcomes

Boost economic performance in value-based care

Reassign the team to value-added tasks


care-coordinator-icon Care Coordinator

Receive information; don't chase it

Streamline communication with post-acute partners

Easily know your patients' location and progress

Quickly become aware of urgent patient issues

physician-icon Population Health

Improve patient outcomes

Standardize care across disparate environments

Know when a patient is at risk of readmission

Reduce the burden on your Population Health team

Patient Portfolio

Know Where Your Patients Are

Stop playing phone tag. Manage your entire patient population by tracking their post-acute location, clinical progress, and cost of care in one place.


Be Alerted To Patients At Risk

Readmissions are expensive. Olio helps prevent them. Get real-time escalations from post-acute clinicians when a patient needs your attention.

Progress Log

Receive Mission Critical Patient Progress

Get only the information you need. Condition-specific playbooks create a shared language between health systems and post-acute providers for better patient outcomes.

Patient Story

Get The Whole Story

No more guessing games about a patient's condition when they are outside of your walls. Our platform brings caregivers together to make accountability effortless.

Document Exchange

Collaborate Like Never Before

Today, document sharing is messy. With Olio, it is simple. Our digital platform makes it possible to share real-time notes, photos, and orders across the continuum of care. 


Everyone benefits from Olio's digital communication platform

Acute Benefits
"As a result of Olio, our patients receive the highest-level of coordinated care and Central Indiana Orthopedics can efficiently manage our patient population, their experience, and the overall cost of care."
P. Jameson Kay, MD Orthopedic Surgeon and President, Central Indiana Orthopedics
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Post-Acute Benefits
"Our commitment to our patients' health outcomes led us to use the Olio platform and we're thrilled with the impact it's having."
Philip Heer
Philip Heer Regional Director of Operations TLC Management, Inc
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