Frequently Asked Questions about Olio

1. What is Olio?
Olio is the only digital communication platform that connects acute and post-acute providers by episode type.

2. How do I sign-up for Olio?
You will receive an invite to your email inbox from You will just need to create a password and you are all set.

3. How do get back to the Olio platform after I’ve signed out?
Simply go to to sign back in. We suggest bookmarking the page to make this easier.

4. I forgot my password, what now?
Just hit “Forgot your password?” on the bottom of the sign-in page. From there enter your email and you will be able to reset from the email that will now be sent to your inbox.

5. What browsers does Olio support?
Olio supports Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Olio does not support Internet Explorer.

6. What do the highlighted numbers mean next to the patient’s name?
These numbers indicate the number of days/visits in post-acute care.. This indication is simply to notify the orthopaedic physicians team as well as the post-acute therapy team as to the patients therapy volume.

7. What does the blue icon indicate?
This indicates an unread note or image.

8. Do you have an app I can use on my phone?
Yes, Olio supports a mobile app that is available on the

9. I am still having issues, who do I contact?
Olio Support

(833) 438-6546 ext. 1

10. Are there any specific requests or issues when I should be contacting support?
  • Yes please contact support if you need any of the following:
  • Add, edit or delete users
  • Edit patient information
  • Edit location information
  • Software bugs
  • Product feature requests

Last updated 1/17/19
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