Create a process to manage vulnerable populations. Drive patient and staff safety.

Olio gives stakeholders real-time visibility into high-risk patients across health systems, physicians, and the post-acute world.

Establish behaviors that benefit the patient and caregivers, the community and your organization surrounding the COVID 19  pandemic.


Whom Olio helps and how.

leadership-icon Leadership

Standardize approaches in and outside of your organization

Improve patient outcomes and caregiver safety

Provide tools to providers so they can respond during this pandemic

Get real-time input on your high-risk patients and manage them in place or safely transfer them to appropriate site of care


care-coordinator-icon Care Coordinators

Receive information; don't chase it

Streamline communication with partners

Easily know patient location and progress

Quickly become aware of urgent patient issues

physician-icon Physicians

Improve patient outcomes

Stay engaged in the patient journey

Know when a patient is at risk

Know where your COVID 19 patients are, how long they’ve been there, how they are progressing, and notified when is a patient is trending in the wrong direction

Patient Portfolio

Know Where Your Patients Are

A dashboard of all your COVID 19  cases. Your team knows:

  • where your COVID 19 patients are,
  • how long they’ve been there,
  • how they are progressing, and
  • notified when is a patient is trending in the wrong direction

Be Alerted To Patients At Risk

Readmissions are avoidable and costly. Olio helps prevent them. Get real-time escalations from clinicians when a patient needs your attention.

Progress Log

Receive Real-Time Patient Progress

Get only the information you need. Condition-specific playbooks create a shared language between state and local authorities, health systems, and post-acute providers for better community outcomes.

Patient Story

Get The Whole Story

No more guessing games about a patient. Our platform brings caregivers together to make collaboration effortless. Identify all impact factors including social determinants of health.

Document Exchange

Collaborate Like Never Before

Today, document sharing is messy. With Olio, it is simple. Our digital platform makes it possible to share authorization, real-time notes, photos, and orders across stakeholders.


Everyone benefits from Olio's digital communication platform

Post-Acute Benefits
"Olio simplified our collaboration efforts with our hospital and physician partners, getting our team valuable information to support our healthcare workers and patients."
Troy Reiff Head Shot
Troy Reiff, RN VP, Post-Acute Service Development and Managed Care American Senior Communities
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Post-Acute Benefits
"Our commitment to our patients' health outcomes led us to use the Olio platform and we're thrilled with the impact it's having."
Philip Heer
Philip Heer Regional Director of Operations TLC Management, Inc
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