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Tips to Improve  Acute to Post-Acute Communication

Better communication between acute and post-acute providers leads to better patient outcomes. Healthcare providers who share in care delivery to the same patients across different care environments should follow these tips to effectively communicate, collaborate, and coordinate patient care delivery.
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Tips to Maintain Visibility Into Patients' Post-Acute Care

Collaboration, and specifically physician teams’ visibility into the status and condition of their patients in post-acute care is critically important. Visibility improves financial performance in risk models, reduces readmissions, and leads to the best health outcomes for the patients.
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Top Takeaways from 2018 AAHKS Annual Meeting

Olio leadership attended the 2018 Annual meeting of the American Academy of Hip and Knee Society (AAHKS) in Dallas, TX. This article highlights the top take aways: Direct to patient care; Ortho device manufacturers foray in software, outpatient surgery, and reduced Medicare reimbursement.
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