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In the News: Becker's Review - Bundled Payments

Olio co-founder & orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Stephen Ritter, connected with Becker's ASC Review. The article covers: ways bundled payment models can help practices get ahead of their competitors, the keys to bundled payment success, as well as the reasons for practices’ hesitancies in adopting bundled payment models.
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MD+DI Olio Funding Blog header

In the News: MD+DI - Olio's Impact on Medtech

Olio Founder & CEO Ben Forrest connects with Daphne Allen, editor-in-chief of the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry. Topics include: challenges surgeons have with maintaining visibility on patient progress after they are discharged; Olio’s national launch; and Olio's impact on Medtech.
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In the News - Healthcare Tech Outlook

In the News: Healthcare Tech Outlook - Digital Transformation

Healthcare Tech Outlook, a healthcare technology news outlet, covers the digital transformation trend in the healthcare arena, the benefits of Olio’s platform, and Olio’s unique quality of being the only existing digital communication platform that connects acute and post-acute providers.
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AHHKS 2018 Olio blog header

Top Takeaways from 2018 AAHKS Annual Meeting

Olio leadership attended the 2018 Annual meeting of the American Academy of Hip and Knee Society (AAHKS) in Dallas, TX. This article highlights the top take aways: Direct to patient care; Ortho device manufacturers foray in software, outpatient surgery, and reduced Medicare reimbursement.
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