In the News - Healthcare Tech Outlook

In the News: Healthcare Tech Outlook - Digital Transformation

This week Healthcare Tech Outlook published an article about Olio. Healthcare Tech Outlook is a healthcare news outlet that offers healthcare decision...
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Tips to Improve  Acute to Post-Acute Communication

The US healthcare system employs astonishing technology to improve patient outcomes. Innovations so crazy they sound like science fiction—surgical rob...
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Carmel Current - Olio Launch

In the News: Carmel Current - Olio Launch

This week, Olio Founder & CEO Ben Forrest connected with Chris Bavender, a writer for Current Publishing. Current is an online news source covering to...
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Tips to Maintain Visibility Into Patients' Post-Acute Care

According to data from CMS, 73% of the 14,959 skilled nursing facilities in the US that will be receiving medicare payments in 2019 will be financiall...
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