Olio Strengthens Software Engineering Team with Hire & Promotion

Accelerating the development of Olio's collaboration platform.


INDIANAPOLIS, IN  July 11th, 2019 - Healthcare collaboration technology company, Olio, hires Miles Z. Sterrett as Director of Engineering and promotes Sean Lavies to Chief Technology Officer. The hiring of Miles and promotion of Sean further strengthens Olio’s software engineering capacity. These changes to the Olio team will accelerate the development of Olio's collaboration platform, that connects health systems, physicians, and post-acute providers in real-time on their patients' condition.


Miles’ entrepreneurial spirit, extensive leadership experience, and over 13 years of software engineering experience is a powerful addition to Olio’s mission to create collaboration technology that enhances patient care. In his new role, Miles will continue advancing the Olio product, grow and develop the Olio engineering team, and collaborate closely with Sean to make strategic decisions concerning the development of Olio’s SaaS technology.


Sean’s over 18 years of enterprise-level software engineering experience, including engineering roles at Aprimo, BidPal, Lumavate and Salesforce make him the perfect candidate to oversee Olio’s technology-related decisions. Sean will be responsible for Olio’s technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that the technological resources are aligned with Olio’s business needs.


Health spending as a percentage of GDP is growing at an unsustainable rate. In 1962, health spending represented 5.3% of US GDP. The National Academy of Science predicts that by 2022, health spending will reach 19.9% of US GDP. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are introducing innovative efforts to shift to ‘value-based-care’, where care quality is improved and costs are reduced. Value-based healthcare requires greater collaboration between providers. In this new paradigm, health systems and health providers need to better leverage technology to collaborate in the care delivered to shared patients. The hiring of Miles and promotion of Sean are critical steps in furthering Olio’s software engineering infrastructure that is helping solve the challenges faced by the US healthcare system and improve patient outcomes.


About OLIO

Founded in 2017, Olio's collaboration platform connects health systems, physicians, and post-acute providers in real-time on their patients' condition. When patients are discharged, Olio enables hospitals, physicians and post-acute teams to know where patients are, what their status is, and what they can do to ensure better outcomes.

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